English Idioms - episode 1

10 Oct 2012

English Idioms – episode 1

Hi guys! We decided to make educational cartoons about English idioms. This is going to be a programme with lots of episodes and maybe even seasons. A new cartoon will be on every week. If you would like to know more about idioms, do subscribe to our youtube channel to learn and enjoy!

Here is the list of idioms that were used in this episode:

1. off the beaten track – an isolated and quiet place (нетипичный, вдали от суеты, удаленный, находящийся в глубинке)
2. right up one’s street – within one’s range of interests/knowledge (как раз по твоей/моей/его части)
3. at the crack of dawn – very early in the morning (на рассвете, на заре, с утра пораньше, с первыми петухами)
4. to be in one’s element – to be very happy or suited to the situation (быть в своей стихии)

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