English Idioms - episode 2

10 Oct 2012

English Idioms – episode 2

Hi everybody! It’s time to learn English. Today, we will tell you about four more idioms:

1. donkey’s years -a long time, for ages (долгие годы, целая вечность)

2. to tie the knot  -to get married (пожениться, выйти замуж, соединять узами брака)

3. to play hard to get – to pretend that one is not interested in somebody, while in reality they are (набивать себе цену, строить из себя недотрогу, изображать неприступность)

4. to be like putty in someone’s hands – to be easily controlled or manipulated (как шелковый, веревки вить из кого-л.)

Here is the script for this movie:

– Hey! Long time no see!

– Yeah, we haven’t seen each other for donkey’s years. How are you?

– Great, thanks! What’s new?

– Well, I have tied the knot

– Really?! Who’s is the lucky lady?

– Helen… Do you remember her?

– Oh, yeah. She’s always played hard to get.

– Things have changed now. She’s like putty in my hands!




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