English Idioms – Episode 10

23 Jul 2013

English Idioms – Episode 10

На этот раз в нашем мультфильме будет десять идиом. Задачка усложняется!

  1. come under fire = to be condemned/to be sharply criticised (подвергнуться жесткой критике, попасть под огонь)
  2. foot the bill = to pay for smth (платить по счету, расплачиваться, нести расходы)
  3. count the cost = to suffer the consequences of a reckless/foolish action (взвесить/учесть все обстоятельства)
  4. on the other hand = however (хотя, однако, с другой стороны)
  5. break the bank = to leave smb without money (сильно потратиться, поиздержаться)
  6. a drop in the ocean = a very small amount compared to what is necessary/needed (капля в море)
  7. toe the line = to obey orders/rules (ходить по струнке, подчиняться требованиям, строго придерживаться правил)
  8. go up in smoke = to end in nothing/to result in failure (сойти на нет, развеяться как дым, кончиться ничем, растаять в воздухе)
  9. a step in the right direction = a positive action, especially towards a solution (шаг в нужном направлении)
  10. pay lip-service = to voice/express agreement on smth without actually supporting it (разглагольствовать, неискренне уверять кого-л. в преданности, признавать что-л. только на словах)

Here is the script for this movie:

A: Mr Adams, you have recently come under fire over your comments on industrial pollution. What is your response to this criticism?
B: I don’t regret saying what I did at all. The main obstacle to reducing pollution is still cost, so of course we need to determine who is going to foot the bill.
C: Yes, I agree.
A: Ok Mr Adams, but we should act before it’s too late for our planet. We will be counting the cost of this procrastination for a generation.
B: Yes, but on the other hand what is the good of breaking the bank in an effort to guarantee ourselves a future if it’s only this country that’s willing to do it?
D: Absolutely! That would only be a drop in the ocean. To have the desired effect every industrial nation in the world needs to contribute!
A: So what you’re saying is that unless everyone else toes the line, this government won’t do anything to reduce pollution levels, right?
E: I don’t think you need to be quite so negative, but yes, we believe it would be very foolish for us to spend millions of pounds on a plan which we know would go up in smoke.
A: But surely we can do more than just pay lip-service to these schemes which must be carried out eventually! I mean stricter regulations on cars for example. Surely that would be a step in the right direction.
B: Oh please, now that is another matter altogether!

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