English Idioms – Episode 11

26 Jul 2013

English Idioms – Episode 11

И снова английские идиомы с переводом. Очередной эпизод.

  1. give smb the boot = to fire smb from their job (уволить, выгнать с работы)
  2. a lame duck = a person/company that is weak/a failure (банкрот, утративший прежнее влияние, неспособный выполнять свои обязательства/работу)
  3. feel the pinch = to suffer because of lack of money (быть в очень трудном положении, быть в стесненных обстоятельствах)
  4. in the red = in debt (в долгах)
  5. hit rock bottom = to reach the lowest point (опуститься на самое дно)
  6. in the black = in credit/making profit (финансово устойчивый, с прибылью, «в плюсе»)
  7. play with fire = to take dangerous risks (играть/шутить с огнем)
  8. step into smb’s shoes = to replace smb (заменить кого-л., занять чье-л. место, унаследовать чье-л. место)
  9. a firm hand = control and discipline (твердая рука)
  10. pay dividends = to bring advantages at a later date (давать результаты/плоды)
Here is the script for this movie:

– Hey John, how is the business doing?
– No as good as I wished, mate. I’ve been having problems with old Simon. I am afraid I am going to give him the boot.
– Simon! But he’s working in this pub for years!
– Yeah I know. But he’s sixty four and to be honest, I don’t think he knows what he’s doing any more. He seems to have turned into a lame dark in recent years – no control over the workforce and well, between you and me, the business is feeling the pinch. And our profits are down twenty percent since last year you know.
– Goodness me! You are not in the red, are you?
– Certainly not! We haven’t hit rock bottom just yet! No, we don’t owe anyone anything! We are still in the black for now at least.
– Well, it sounds like you are playing with fire if you keep him for much longer. You definitely need to get somebody else to step into his shoes.
– Yes, but who? I need someone who’s going to run the pub with a firm hand – not take any nonsense you know.
– Yes quite. Do be careful though old boy. A hasty decision won’t pay any dividends, believe me!

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