English Idioms – Episode 12

27 Jul 2013

English Idioms – Episode 12

  1. donkey’s years = a long time (много-много лет, долгие годы, целая вечность)
  2. bury the hatchet = to forget old quarrels (прекратить распри, «зарыть топор войны», восстановить дружеские отношения, помириться)
  3. the apple of smb’s eye = smb one is most fond of (зеница ока, объект обожания)
  4. the black sheep of (in) the family = a person strongly disapproved of by members of his/her family (паршивая овца, которая все стадо портит)
  5. play hard to get = to pretend one is not interested in smb (набивать себе цену, строить недотрогу)
  6. like putty in smb’s hands = easily controlled or manipulated (как шелковый, веревки вить из кого-л.)
  7. drive smb round the bend = to annoy smb a lot (доводить кого-л. до безумия, злить/бесить кого-л.)
  8. tie the knot = to get married (жениться, выйти замуж)
  9. in clover = in comfort/wealth (припеваючи, как сыр в масле, в приволье)
  10. blood is thicker than water = blood ties or family relationships are the strongest (своя рубашка – ближе к телу, голос крови не заглушить, свой своему поневоле друг, кровь не водица)

Here is the script for this movie:

– Morning Monica. You’ll never guess who I got a letter from today!
– Go on, who?
– Emily Johnson. Do you remember, she used to live at number Six.
– Emily Johnson! Oh yeah, I haven’t heard from her for donkey’s years! Have she and her son buried the hatchet yet?
– Well, that is what she wrote to tell me. Oh do you remember when John was little he was the apple of his mother’s eye and then they fell out when he started seeing that girl.
– What was her name?
– Sheila Briggs. Her parents were lovely people but she was the black sheep of the family.
– I can’t see what he saw in her. I remember he chased after her for ages – she really played hard to get.
– Yes and then when they finally started seeing each other, he was like putty in her hands. He even stopped talking to his mother because that girl told him to.
– Terrible. Anyway, back to the letter. The Briggs girl must’ve finally driven him round the bend because he broke up with her.
– Good!
– Yeah and guess what. Emily introduced him to a young lady. Emily says she is a lovely girl. Anyway, apparently they tied the knot last month and now they are living in clover.
– Oh how lovely! Mind you, I always thought they’d sort it out in the end. After all, blood is thicker than water.
– Quite right!

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