English Idioms – Episode 16

8 Aug 2013

English Idioms – Episode 16

  1. old hat = old fashioned (несовременный, устарелый, неоригинальный)
  2. all the rage = very popular/fashionable (модное, популярное, последний крик моды)
  3. break new ground = to develop smth/to make innovations (прокладывать новые пути, начинать новое дело, раскрывать новые возможности)
  4. on the horizon = expected/likely to happen soon (на горизонте, произойдет в скором времени)
  5. just (a)round the corner = very close in time/distance (совсем близко, скоро, в двух шагах)

Here is the script for this movie:

-Do you like my new CD player?
-Oh Jenny! CD players are old hat now. Didn’t you know that MP3 players are all the rage today? They’ve really broken new ground in music technology.
-Really? But what about all my CDs?
-Jenny, you have to realise that the decline of the CD player is on the horizon and with more sophisticated MP3 players just round the corner you’d best forget your CDs!
-I see.

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