English Idioms – Episode 17

30 Oct 2013

English Idioms – Episode 17

  1. have (got) several irons in the fire = to have several options/projects at the same time (заниматься несколькими проектами/делами одновременно)
  2. at full stretch = using all one’s energy to do smth (полностью, полным ходом)
  3. a dead end = smth which leads nowhere and has no future (тупик, безвыходное положение, тупиковая ситуация)
  4. adopt a lower profile = to avoid public attention (занимать скромную позицию, оставаться в тени, быть незаметным)
  5. take a back seat = to take a position of less importance/influence (занимать скромное положение, отойти на задний план, уступить контроль)
  6. the rat race = the struggle for success, especially in a large city (бешеная погоня за богатством, успехом)
  7. (the) big guns = important and powerful people (шишка, важное/влиятельное лицо)
  8. have time on one’s hands = to have spare time (иметь уйму/массу свободного времени)
  9. do one’s own thing = to do whatever one wants (поступать в соответствии со своими интересами)
  10. keep up with the Joneses = to be in competition with other people for a higher social standard (не отставать от знакомых, стараться быть не хуже соседей, все как у людей)

Here is the script for this movie:

• So Doctor, is it serious?
• Yes my friend, I am afraid it is. Have you been under a lot of pressure recently?
• As the head of a multinational company? I’ll say! You see, we’ve got several irons in the fire at the moment.
• We’re in the process of closing six major deals, so everyone’s working at full stretch, including me of course.
• Yes, I saw you talking about that airline on the news last night. Are you sure it would be wise to take over such an ailing company? It sounds like a bit of a dead end to me.
• Anyway, back to your chest pains. First of all, you ought to adopt a lower profile, all this publicity must be rather stressful. You really should take a back seat in the company.
• What? Let somebody else step into my shoes?
• Yes. Actually the best thing you could do would be to leave the rat race altogether.
• Doctor Morley, life is not that easy when you are one of the big guns. I’ve got far too much responsibility. Mind you, it would be lovely to have time on my hands.
• I’d be able to go fishing and see the children more often. Yeah, it would be nice to do my own thing for a while.
• So, why don’t you?
• Let me put it like this. Margaret’s been pestering me to buy an apartment in Paris like the Branson’s so I suppose I’ll have to keep working just so she can keep up with the Joneses.
• I see. Well, seriously my friend, unless you start taking it easy soon, you won’t be much use to anyone.

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