English Idioms – Episode 18

30 Oct 2013

English Idioms – Episode 18

  1. past it = too old to work well or safely (переживший свое)
  2. stand the test of time = to prove reliable/valuable over a long period (пройти проверку временем, выдержать испытание временем)
  3. in one’s day = at a time in the past when smb was young/popular/successful, etc (в мое время, когда я был молодой, в мою молодость)
  4. live in the past = to behave as if what existed in the past still exists (жить прошлым, жить вчерашним днём)
  5. as old as the hills = very old (очень старый, старо как мир)
  6. brand new = completely new (совершенно новый)
  7. up-to-date = modern/new (современный, новейший, отвечающий последнему слову техники)
  8. move with the times = to progress with changing customs/fashions, etc (двигаться/шагать в ногу со временем)
  9. till the cows come home = for a long time (когда рак на горе свистнет)

Here is the script for this movie:

-Darling, I’ve come to the conclusion that our car is past it. It’s hopeless. I mean, look, when we were on the motorway you couldn’t even get it up to sixty!
-Come on love. It’s absolutely fine! This model has certainly stood the test of time. You know what? Back in my day it was the best car on the road. And quite frankly, in my opinion these new cars of today just aren’t as good.
-But John, you are living in the past! Today’s cars are much better and safer too! Take Volvos for example. They are just as sturdy as this and the new models have sunroofs, power steering, and airbags. Face it, this car is as old as the hills and sooner or later you’re going to buy a brand new one.
Brand new? Do you know how much they cost? A small fortune!
-Alright just a slightly more up-to-date one then. But you’ve got to move with the times and I’ve heard you can get a good second-hand car for around £3000.
-Listen, my dear. There is nothing wrong with this car. You can nag me till the cows come home but I’m not going to buy a new car until I’m ready to.
-You are so stubborn!

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