English Idioms – Episode 19

31 Oct 2013

English Idioms – Episode 19

  1. break the mould = to completely change the way smth is done (сломать стереотипы/принципы)
  2. all the rage = very popular/fashionable (очень популярное, последний крик моды)
  3. (just) around the corner = very close in time/distance (скоро, не за горами, вот-вот, в ближайшем будущем, на подходе)
  4. break new ground = to develop smth/to make innovations (прокладывать новые пути, начинать новое дело, раскрывать новые возможности)
  5. old hat = old-fashioned (устарелый, затасканный, старый)
  6. state-of-the-art = using the most modern techniques (ультрасовременный, новейший, передовой уровень, находящийся на уровне современного развития)
  7. streets ahead = more advanced (на голову выше чего-то)
  8. on the horizon = expected/likely to happen soon (на горизонте)
  9. from scratch = from the beginning and without any help (с азов, заново, с чистого листа, на голом месте, с самого начала)

Here is the script for this movie:

-Though environmentally-friendly vehicle inventors have had little success in their attempts to break the mould of conventional car design up until now, it seems likely that things are about to change and that pollution-free cars may soon become all the rage. In fact, it’s now quite possible that the age of hydropower is just around the corner thanks to the creators of the Aqua Car, Neil and Michael. They have broken new ground in the production of “clean” vehicles. Today Neil and Michael are with us. So gentlemen, what can you tell us about this amazing car?
-Well, it appears that the petrol-guzzlers that people drive today may soon become old hat as our Aqua Car is the last word in non-toxic technology.
-We started to work on the creation of this car back in 1992. Today we have succeeded in producing an aesthetically pleasing, state-of-the-art machine that will satisfy the needs of speed fiends and conservationists alike.
-Indeed, not only is this vehicle powerful, attractive and environmentally friendly, but it also has a range of new accessories which are streets ahead of the competition.
-We expect the Aqua Car in show-rooms by next September, which can only mean there is trouble on the horizon for both the petrol industry and conventional car manufacturers.
-The latter will undoubtedly be forced to start redesigning their vehicles from scratch.

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