English Idioms – episode 3

21 Dec 2012

English Idioms – episode 3

Hi there! Five new idioms for you today:

1. to bear fruit – to produce good results (приносить плоды, давать результат)

2. money down the drain – money wasted (выброшенные деньги, деньги на ветер)

3. to live on a shoestring – to manage with very little money (считать каждую копейку)

4. a small fortune – a lot of money (большая сумма, целое состояние, кругленькая сумма)

5. to be rolling in it – to be rich (купаться в деньгах)

Here is the script for this movie:

Don: Susan, I have great news!

Susan: Really?! What is it? Tell me!

Don: We worked so hard on this project and now all the efforts we put into it are about to bear fruit. We are going to be rich! We won’t have to live on a shoestring any more!

Susan: That’s fantastic, honey! I knew it! I knew that it wasn’t money down the drain when we put all our savings into this business. It will earn us a small fortune!

Don: You are quite right, darling. Let’s go out to celebrate our victory, we deserve that. Soon, we’ll be rolling in it!

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