English Idioms – episode 5

8 Jan 2013

English Idioms – episode 5

Hi there! Today’s 5 idioms will be about anger, annoyance and irritation.

Here they are:

1. hot under the collar = annoyed/frustrated/excited/worried (раздраженный, выведенный из себя, разъяренный)

2. to keep one’s cool = to remain calm in a difficult situation (не горячиться, не терять голову, не волноваться)

3. to pull smb’s leg = to tease smb in a friendly manner (морочить кому-л. голову, подшучивать над кем-л., дразнить)

4. behind one’s back = without one’s knowledge/consent (тайком, за глаза, в отсутствие кого-л., за чьей-л. спиной)

5. to make smb’s hackles rise = to make smb very angry (довести до белого каления, разъярить, разозлить, привести в бешенство)

Here is the script for this movie:

Claire: I am so hot under the collar! I can’t stand Sam any more; he truly makes my hackles rise!

John: Oh, come on Claire, keep your cool! He was only pulling your leg when he said he’d borrowed your bike and crashed it. I can’t understand why you are so mad!

Claire: Sorry, John, but I would not be surprised if it was true, if he borrowed my bike behind my back and then crashed it. I know he can do it!

John: But he didn’t…

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