English Idioms – Episode 9

21 Jul 2013

English Idioms – Episode 9

Эпизод девятый. Продолжение истории с автостоянкой из восьмого эпизода.

  1. running battle = long-lusting struggle (отход боями)
  2. hot air = false promises/claims (пустой разговор, ложные обещания, болтовня, “сотрясение воздуха”)
  3. up in arms = angry because one is opposed to smth (готовый к борьбе/бою, злой, воинственно настроен)
  4. take the law into one’s own hands = to do smth to combat injustice without abiding by the rules/law (расправиться без суда)
  5. stick to one’s guns = to keep supporting a particular belief/course of action, etc (остаться до конца верным своим принципам/убеждениям, не сдавать позиций, стоять на своем)

Here is the script for this movie:

-Sir we must do something about this running battle with the townspeople over the new car park. They are up in arms over the plan and I’m a bit worried that things might get nasty!
-Oh, come on Vincent! All this talk of action is just a load of hot air!
-But sir! What if they take the law into their own hands? They might attempt to use their own methods to get…
-They won’t go that far! Look, all you need to do is stick to our guns and they will soon calm down!

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