English and Spanish radio in Easy Language School

All the teachers of our school — both native speakers and Russian — live in England, and those, who teaches Spanish in Spain and completely immersed in modern British and Spanish culture. Over time, the language is changing, why it's so important to learn its actual version. Distances and borders between us no longer exists!

All classes in our school are held individually, taking into account the current level of pupils and the goals that they pose. Using the latest techniques and teachers allow us to achieve the highest quality and effectiveness.

That is why we are chosen by the staff of leading Russian and foreign companies. For many of them the level of knowledge of a foreign language is one of the key professional competencies, development of which is essential for a successful career.

Easy Language School is a unique school because here you can teach English for «Ckajpu» not only with native speakers, but also with highly skilled Russian-speaking teachers who live in the country you studied language!

Learn foreign languages with pleasure and discover a whole new world!