Фразовые глаголы со словом "come"

17 Aug 2013

Фразовые глаголы со словом “come”

Come along – arrive at a place (заходить к кому-л., приходить, приезжать, подходить)

Go now and I’ll come along later.

Come to – to make a decision about something (прийти к какому-л. решению, договориться о чем-л.)

I’ve got to come to a decision about this situation.

Come apart – separate into pieces (развалиться/распадаться на части, расклеиваться)

The book was so old that it just came apart as soon as I took it.

Come acrossto discover or meet something/somebody by chance (случайно встретиться с кем-л., натолкнуться)

I came across this person while I was on holiday in India.

Come out – 1. to leave a place, such as hospital or prison after a long period of being there (выходить из тюрьмы/подполья/больницы)

John is coming out of prison at the weekend.

2. to become public knowledge after it has been secret (раскрыться (о секрете), стать всем известным, всплывать, выходить наружу)

Secrets always come out sooner or later.

3. when results or information is given to people (становиться известным публике)

When do your exam results come out?

4. disappear or become less strong (when we are talking about dirt or colour on clothing/material) – (выводить (о пятнах), выцветать)

If you put some salt on it, the stain will come out.

Come off – happen successfully or as it was planned (проходить благополучно, состояться, пройти с успехом/как задумано, удаваться)

I was studying hard for the examination, but I am not sure it’s going to come off.

Come around/round – 1. become conscious again being unconscious (прийти в сознание)

When I came round after the operation, it was already night.

2. go to a place where someone is, especially their house, in order to visit them (заходить в гости, приезжать, зайти ненадолго)

Can you come round today after your wok?

Come up against – to have to deal with something difficult or unpleasant (сталкиваться/встречаться с трудностями)

I came up against some difficulties while I was solving that puzzle.

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