Used to

30 Nov 2013

Used to



Grammar exercises: Used to

Выберите правильный ответ

1. Carol ……………to have long dark hair, didn’t she?

a)      is used

b)      used

c)       would

2. I have never driven an automatic car before, but I am sure I will soon……………to it.

a)      get used

b)      be used

c)       used

3. When we were little, mum……………always read us a bedtime story.

a)      was used to

b)      would

c)       got used to

4. I am surprised you are not tired. I didn’t know you……………to walking long distances.

a)      are used

b)      got used

c)       used

5. I remember Uncle Bob very well, because he……………always bring us some sweets.

a)      would

b)      was used

c)       used

6. ‘How do you know that woman?’ ‘She ……………to work with me.’

a)      was used

b)      used

c)       is used

7. They……………to the cold.

a)      are used

b)      used

c)       would

8. I……………to getting up early and find it hard.

a)      will get used

b)      am not used

c)       was used

9. I……………to exercise often when I was younger.

a)      used

b)      will get used

c)       am used

10. My brother……………to travel a lot before he got married.

a)      didn’t use

b)      used

c)       was used

11. Do you remember the things we……………to do when we were kids?

a)      used

b)      were used

c)       got used

12. Tom……………to using a computer, but now he enjoys it.

a)      isn’t used

b)      will get used

c)       wasn’t used



  1. Carol used to have long dark hair, didn’t she?
  2. I have never driven an automatic car before, but I am sure I will soon get used to it.
  3. When we were little, mum would always read us a bedtime story.
  4. I am surprised you are not tired. I didn’t know you are used to walking long distances.
  5. I remember Uncle Bob very well, because he would always bring us some sweets.
  6. ‘How do you know that woman?’ ‘She used to work with me.’
  7. They are used to the cold.
  8. I am not used to getting up early and find it hard.
  9. I used to exercise often when I was younger.
  10. My brother used to travel a lot before he got married.
  11. Do you remember the things we used to do when we were kids?
  12. Tom wasn’t used to using a computer, but now he enjoys it.

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